December 2018 Calendar Marathi

The suction robot with cleaning function is the further December 2018 Calendar Marathi development of the DEEBOT Slim 2, which is extra flat and thus also comes under low furniture. In contrast to its predecessor, Slim 10 features the ECOVACS OZMO wiping technology with integrated water tank – so the wiper must no longer be moistened manually and attached to the robot, but only the tank must be filled.

December 2018 Calendar Marathi

In addition, ECOVACS OZMO Slim 10 comes with the following features: Smart Navi ™ 3.0 Mapping & Navigation Technology: enables an efficient cleaning path for a thorough and systematic cleaning Scanning, mapping and scheduling -App control: with the ECOVACS app flexible on the go control, set cleaning schedules, select appropriate modes, monitor wiping or suction process etc. Voice control: compatible with.

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Google Home and Amazon EchoECOVACS OZMO Slim 10 is particularly flat and comes even under low furniture ECOVACS OZMO Slim 10 is particularly flat and thus comes under low furniture (home & smart) WINBOT X window cleaning robot cleans windows wirelessly and independently.

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Not only suction and wiping robots will be presented at the IFA 2018 ECOVACS booth, including the update of window clean robotic WINBOT 950 is here: WINBOT X works wirelessly and can adapt to different window types – even roof windows up to a certain degree of inclination. The window cleaning robot also has the following functions.

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cordless battery designDeep-Clean mode four-stage cleaning systemSafety Tether systemWindow cleaning robot WINBOT X – when a robot sticks to the pane Window cleaning robot WINBOT X – when a robot is on the disc sticks (home & smart) Prices and Availability ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO Slim 10 and WINBOT XThe new vacuum cleaner with wiping function of ECOVACS, DEEBOT OZMO.

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Slim 10, is available for an RRP of 299 euros. The new DEEBOT model OZMO Slim 10, the window cleaning robot WINBOT X and the new ECOVACS AIVI technology will be on show at the IFA in hall 5.1, booth 103.ECOVACS AIVI still makes household robots EfficientAIVI

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is the acronym for Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation. The technology gives ECOVACS cleaning robots the ability to identify and bypass cables, shoes or clothing, as well as pets.

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This means that pieces of furniture will not be hit and scratched, even socks forgotten on the floor will not be sucked in and the cat may still be able to make friends with the new smart house dweller. lean up before cleaning the floor. However, the question arises as to whether the cleaning performance of robots with such an obstacle course will be particularly effective in the long term.

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Intelligent suction is made a lot easier with the ECI’s expanded AI: “Together with our Smart Navi ™ 3.0 Mapping & Navigation Technology, this allows our robots to better adapt to the home environment Customize it to provide an ideal solution for floor cleaning, “says David Qian, Deputy Chairman and President ECOVACS ROBOTICS International. The user does not even have to

December 2018 Calendar Marathi

cThe KI AIVI gives the ECOVACS robots the ability to avoid obstacles even better The KI AIVI gives the ECOVACS robots the ability to Avoiding obstacles even more effectively (home & smart) As December 2018 Calendar Marathi far as data protection is concerned.

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