December 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay

ECOVACS assures a strong protection of customer data and the privacy of the user: December 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay The AI ​​function should only be used to detect the environment of the robot, together with foreign objects and obstacles. The images are neither recorded by ECOVACS nor passed on to third parties.

December 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay

No image data is stored in the app. However, the ECOVACS AIVI AI technology is not implemented in any of the DEEBOT models, but the company is working to integrate it over the next year.

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If you want to find out more about technical innovations, you should do so again this year at the International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) in Berlin.

December 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay

From the 31st of August onwards big and small exhibitors will show numerous novelties and technical innovations at the exhibition center in Berlin. In 2017, more than 250,000 visitors came to Berlin.The trends include not only TV technologies such as UHD and OLED,

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but also the streaming of media content, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and the voice control of devices.IFA 2018 – ALL HIGHLIGHTS OF THE ELECTRONIC FAIR Electronics Fair IFA in Berlin:

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From August 31 to September 5 (source: dpa / Carsten Koall) Smart stove from Samsung at the IFA 2018 (Source: Reuters / Christian Mang) Washing machines at the IFA (Source: Reuters / Christian Mang) (Source: Manufacturer / LG ) 8K TV by Samsung at the IFA 2018 (Source: dpa) Visitors test a VR installation at the IFA

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(Source: Reuters / Christian Mang) (Source: Stresing) Samsung Galaxy Watch at the IFA 2018 (Source: Reuters / Christian Mang) The Swiss company SoFlow presents its electric scooters. Some of these devices can theoretically travel up to 37 kilometers per hour. In Germany, many electric scooters are not approved for road traffic. (Source: Stresing)

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Photo series with 27 imagesHere the most important news in the news ticker: Artificial intelligence should slow down loss of value of household appliancesWith the help of learning systems in the background,

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the devices with increasing use of increasingly smarter, instead of value as before to lose, said engineering chief IP Park of LG on the edge of the technology fair IFA in Berlin.

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“However, we are still at the very beginning of the development.” LG is showing its new series of smart household appliances under the umbrella brand “ThinQ” at the IFA in Berlin, relying heavily on artificial intelligence. The fridge gives recipe ideas and at the same time ensures the optimum setting of the oven.

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NEW IDEAS FOR THE VACUUM CLEANER The FX9 vacuum cleaner from AEG is battery operated – and should therefore be easy to maneuver in the house and apartment. (Source: dpa / tmn / AEG) The FX9 battery cleaner from AEG has front LEDs, so that, for example crumbs under the couch are better visible. (Source: dpa / tmn / AEG) According to the manufacturer, the new Silence

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Force Multi-Cyclonic 4A vacuum cleaner from Rowenta is quieter than 70 decibels. (Source: dpa / tmn / Rowenta) Photo series with 5 images With the use of artificial intelligence, LG relies on an open ecosystem for partners. Thus, the TV set can be controlled by voice, but the question of the next restaurant will again be answered by Google. December 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay No company today can satisfy the wishes of users alone alone, it needs partners.

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