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Finally, it should be noted that under the impetus of social politics, economics, technical conditions and the psychological needs of the audience, TV news media continue to pursue a more humane news information structure that can fully mobilize the sense of government, still looking for The more creative form of Uktvnow Apk Download news program has made the quality of TV news programs even better.

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Restriction is an important premise for the formation of TV news programs. Without limitation, there is no relatively fixed morphological feature of TV news programs. Judging from the actual situation of the development of TV news programs, the limitation of form is gradually increasing. This is the objective need of industrialized production of TV news programs, and is an inevitable choice for TV media in the information age. uktvnow

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Looking back at the development history of CCTV’s “Oriental Time and Space” column, we can see that it starts from a weakly defined starting point. After a long process of recognizing, it gradually forms a clearer face. The reason why it can become a recognizable TV column with certain styles has many reasons, such as filling in the gaps in the morning news program, such as the first in the news timeliness, such as the introduction Many excellent moderators with symbolic significance, such as the quality of the program has been relatively stable, the content, form and quality elements have played a decisive role.

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But today, there are fewer and fewer blank spaces. There are many programs in the same field that compete with each other. Every program needs its own characteristics, and it is difficult for viewers and producers to wait for a TV news program. The long process of forming characteristics, so it is limited in the process of program creation, and becomes a universal positioning method.

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The clear definition is conducive to the standardized production of TV news programs, which is conducive to the differential survival of TV news programs, and is conducive to the rapid formation of discernible memories. In fact, the innovation of the form of TV news programs is to some extent look for new forms of limited form, so that this form of TV news program is different from the form of TV news programs.

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“Shape” is a style or type, and “state” is a state of flow or change. Although reproducible and restrictive, the form of TV news programs is not fixed, but is constantly flowing: both forms are changing, sub-forms are being derived, and new forms are forming. “At some point, things that look like ‘standard’, ‘acceptable’ and ‘conventional’ will become obsolete, outdated, and no longer acceptable.”[4]

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The form of TV news programs has always been a dynamic concept. With the advent of the digital age, TV news programs are connected with new media such as Internet TV and mobile TV through inheritance, competition, complementarity, and coexistence. A concept of a large TV that integrates multiple audiovisual communication carriers is forming.

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Most of the current domestic TV media news programs have introduced Internet elements. For example, many TV news programs have opened up a network news section to directly embed Internet data, images and interactive processes into programs, increasing the broadness of information sources and the integration of information, such as directing Internet clicks on TV screens. Use the Internet for instant interaction, broaden the audience’s participation, and enhance the interactivity and selectivity of news.

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The new Internet TV with the computer screen as the audio-visual interface is often holding traditional TV, grabbing the content “Blue Ocean” and the concept of “TV 2.0” came into being. The content of IPTV news programs is taken from traditional TVs, and “the mode of communication is realized from the traditional radiation-centered communication centered on the Internet to a connected communication with each viewer as a node” [5] This has formed a new form of online TV news program that is more attractive to netizens, especially young netizens.

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With the full evolution of China Mobile’s mobile network from 2.5G to 3G, mobile phones are rapidly becoming the fourth screen after movies, TVs and computers.On February 1, 2003, less than ten minutes after the US space shuttle Columbia lost, hundreds of thousands of mobile phone users in China learned the news through short messages.

In early March 2004, China’s mobile entertainment portal – Airnet’s “Mobile Live” 76th Oscar Awards Ceremony. This is the first time in China that real-time coverage of large-scale Uktvnow Apk Download events using mobile phones.

How to Fix Err_Ssl_Protocol_Error on Google Chrome

Google chrome is the most popular web browser. It has been rated high by the uses but many a times it causes problems for them. There are various errors which occur during searching or visiting a website. These are common errors and resist user from getting the information they are looking for. Err_ssl_protocol is such error and here in this article we are going to discus about the methods to fix this error. We know that most of the people are not aware of fixing the errors but with our simple and easy methods they can quickly remove errors from their device.

What is Err_Ssl_Protocol_Error?

Every website must have SSL or Secure sockets layers certificate. It shows that the website is safe to browse. Chrome is ensuring the security of its users and to allow them browse safely it usually shows the err_ssl_protocol if the site does not have ssl certificate. If you see the lock icon on the URL of website then it is safe to open otherwise it is not secure and you are recommended not to open it by any means. But if you know that website is authentic and still you are getting err_ssl_protocol_error then you can use our methods to enable browsing.

What is err_ssl_protocol_error

What Causes Err_Ssl_Protocol_Error?

There are various reasons which are responsible for this error. Most of the people are facing this error and are unaware of the reasons. But here you will get proper information about this error. Here are the main reasons for this chrome error which resists you browsing any website.

  • Browser extension is blocking the website and do not allow the user to open it
  • Firewall resisting the IP address and website
  • Incorrect time and date in system
  • Website is blacklisted in hosts files

Methods to Fix Err_Ssl_Protocol_error

These are simple methods which can be used by any person. You do not need to be coder or computer expert to perform these tricks. We have given the detailed information about the methods. You just need to follow the steps and you will get the result in your favor.

Methid 1 : Check / Change the Time and Date Settings

Date and Time settings are the most crucial part of your device. If both date and time are incorrect then you will not be able to browse the website on Chrome. This is the most common error and can be corrected after configuration of date and time settings. You should follow these steps to counter this error

Methid-1 check change the time and date settings

  1. Type date and time settings in the search box
  2. A dialogue box will appear, now click on change date and time option
  3. Enter the correct time and date
  4. Click on time zone and change it accordingly

Use this method only if the time and date settings are incorrect otherwise you can try the other methods as the reason may be different for this error.

Method 2 : Disable Chrome QUIC Protocol

This method is the tested and trusted way to get rid of err_ssl_protocol_error. You can disable the chrome QUIC protocol by following the given steps.

Disable Chrome QUIC Protocol

  1. Copy and paste the ‘chrome://flags/#enable-quic’ url in the address bar of chrome browser and press enter
  2. Now change the default Experimental QUIC protocol to disable.
  3. Click on the launch button on bottom of page and you will be able to access the website now.

This method is applicable for all the users. But if still you cannot access the page then try the next method.

Method 3 : Clear SSL State

SSL state is always responsible for blocking SSL connection and this could be the reason behind getting the error. IF the above two methods didn’t work for you then you should clear the SSL state.

  1. Go to start menu followed by control panel> Network and Internet > network and sharing center

clear SSL state

  1. Select the Internet options given on the left side of page
  2. Now click on the content tab in Internet properties window.
  3. Press Clear SSL state button and you will receive an alert box with message “The SSL cache was successfully cleared.

Press Clear SSL state button and you will receive an alert box with message “The SSL cache was successfully cleared

  1. Restart chrome and check if the error has gone or not.

If you still get the ssl_protocol_error then try another trick we have listed below


Method 4 : Remove or Disable Extensions

This error may be caused due to the extension errors and can be corrected only if your disable or remove them completely. Well before disabling the extension you must check whether they are responsible for this error or not. Open your chrome browser in incognito mode and check if you are able to access websites or not. If you do not get the error in incognito mode then it is sure that one of the extensions is creating problem for you. So it is better to remove or disable it.

Remove or disable extensions

  1. Open the chrome browser
  2. Click on the menu on the upper right corner of browser
  3. Select more tools> extensions
  4. Uncheck the enable option of the particular extension you want to disable

You are recommended to disable the extensions one by one and see if the error is corrected after disabling every extension. In this way, you will get which extension was responsible for the error and can enable the other extensions later. This is the best trick for disabling the extensions as in many cases users disable all the extensions and not able to use them.

Method 5 : Remove System Hosts File

Hosts file may also be responsible for the error so check if it works for you. Here are the steps for removing system hosts files.

Remove System Hosts File

  1. Press Windows+R
  2. Type C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc in the address bar
  3. Find the hosts file and delete it.
  4. Restart chrome

If the error still appears to you then try next method.

Method 6 : Configure Firewall Settings

Selecting high level security for your device may block some connections including SSL. So it is better to change the settings of protection from high level to low or medium level. If the firewall has blocked the connection then after this procedure, it will be unblocked. Check your chrome browser, the errors has surely gone from your browser.

configure firewall settings


The err_ssl_protocol_error is common and many users are facing this problem. We have shared some of the best methods which can remove this error and will give you access to the websites and chrome browser. Apart from these methods, you can also try to disable your antivirus temporarily but it is risky for your device. So we recommend you not to use this trick. The above methods are appropriate for clearing this error. If these methods have helped you out in clearing the error then please share your experience with us. Also you can tell us about the other possible methods which can be useful in this situation. You can drop your message in the comment section.