How to Introduce Yourself to a Girl

Do you like a girl? Want t introduce yourself to her and do not know how? Then this article is written specially for you. Introducing yourself to the person you like is not an easy task, especially when you are a boy with shy nature. If you have started fantasize about the situations which can happen during your meet then stop this now. The expectations can go against you. Also it is a complete wastage of time and you should avoid it. It doesn’t matter where you have met her, just go and start the conversation with her. Here are some of the tips How to Introduce Yourself to a Girl which will be beneficial for you.

How to Introduce Yourself to a Girl

Observe the situation

The first thing you should do is to observe the situation of the moment. Try to find if she is alone, with her group and how is her mood. All these things will help you in going ahead. Take the advantage of the situation and work as we are directing you.

  • If she is alone and working then you should avoid disturbing her and wait for the time when she will be free. Also if you find her free means she is drinking coffee or hanging in the gallery then this is the right time to approach her. Go and talk to her and take the next step.
  • If she is with her group then try to involve you with her friends by starting the conversation when something interesting is discussing around. And it will be very beneficial for you if you have any friend in common. Then you just need to say hi to your friend and join his group. It will be helpful for you in introducing yourself to her.

Get noticed by Her

It is necessary for you to catch her eyes. You can gaze at her time to time but turn your eyes away after passing a smile when she look at you. If she smiled back at you then it is obvious that she is available for approach. But make sure if she is truly interested in talking to you. Stop gazing at her and avoid the eye contact. Then observe if she is looking at you. Catching her eyes is not an easy thing but you should be in your limit while flirting with her. It will be better for you to come in her good books and never try to create a negative impact on her.

Start the conversation

The next and the most important step are to start the conversation. Try to steal the moment with the cheesy lines but you do not need to use the rehearsed pick up lines. Start the conversation on the basis of the situation. If she is standing at book store and looking for good books then you can suggest some books to her. This will break the ice between you and her. But do not start introducing yourself at this point. Try to engage her with the current moment. Ask her questions that suit the current situation like if you at party then ask her about her views on the party. and if you are having coffee at restaurant then ask her how is the coffee and cafeteria. This will help you in having a good conversation. But keep in mind, if she is not looking interesting in having conversation with you then do not force her and it is better to leave her at the moment. Otherwise carry on with your conversation and take the next and main step of introducing yourself.

Introduce Yourself

Well you can introduce yourself at the time of approach and also while having the conversation underway. Introduce yourself by just saying a ‘hi’ and your name.  Do not get panic while giving your introduction as it is a normal thing and do not show that you are interested in that girl. Also if you are having conversation for minutes then you must take the advantage and introduce yourself if the girl hasn’t given her intro to you.

Shake hands with the girl at the time of introduction. It is a common western ritual of introducing yourself to anyone. But grab her hand gently and do not try to hold it for long time.

End the Conversation with a Good Note

If the girl is interested in talking to you then you can continue your conversation. But if she looks like she is not interested to listen anymore and looking at her phone regularly then you should stop your conversation. If you both want to talk more then it will be better for you to take her for coffee. Also if she is leaving the place then make plans for next meeting. Tell her that it was nice to meet her and you will want to continue your conversation on someday if she is interested.

Also if you both had solid conversation then you can ask her for date. This is the right time to tell her about your emotions. Make sure that you remain calm while saying all these things as your attitude can affect the thoughts of the girl towards you. If you want to leave a good impression on her then your behavior towards her should be polite and gentle throughout the conversation.


Approaching a girl and leaving an impression on her is not as easy as it looks. Whether you are good looking and handsome but your attitude can ruin your conversation. A proper way should be used to perform this action. Boys usually spend their time in thinking whether they should talk to the girl or not, whether she will accept their proposal or not and many other things. But they should avoid these kinds of thoughts to enter in their mind. If you are thinking about introducing yourself then you must focus on your behaviour and the above given tips. This will help you in getting positive response from the girl. So use How to Introduce Yourself to a Girl tips and take a step ahead for starting your conversation with the girl.

How to Be a Good Writer in English

A writer is known as the person who can convey the thoughts perfectly by writing down on paper. It is believed that a writer must have good control on his/her language. Now people have started writing blogs and posts which requires good writing skills. Also if you are thinking about writing book or story in English then you must be perfect in Grammar. In this era of 21st century, almost everyone has become habitual of internet lingos which has affected the writing skills of the people. If you want to become a professional writer then you must follow some important rules. In How to Be a Good Writer in English article we are going to discuss these steps for becoming a good English writer.

How to Be a Good Writer in English

Writing is an art and proper practice is needed for become perfectionist in this filed. Grammar plays an important role in writing any language. English Grammar consist of  various rules with the help of which a person learns sentence structure, use of adverbs, verbs and other aspects used for writing this language. Also most of the people face difficulty in getting the perfect word/ phrase to be added in their sentence. There are number of reasons which can affect your writing. If you are a beginner then you must take care of Grammar and words selection. Here are some other steps which you can take to avoid mistakes and improve your written English.


1. Enhance your Vocabulary

When we write any article, the more vocabulary words we will sue, the more interesting and high quality article we will write. It is obvious that repeating same word again and again in the whole document do not create a good impression. Using the synonyms make the article looks interesting. So try to find and write the synonyms of the word you are going to use. But make sure that you are using the correct vocabulary word. If you want to get more help in this section then learn at least five words and their meanings in a single day. Try to make sentences with that word in English. Also if you are writing something in English then find the synonyms and their proper meaning then use them in your sentences. In this way, you will lean the new words and you will see improvement in your writing.

Enhance your Vocabulary

2. Make Simple Sentences

Sentence making is quite difficult task for many people. Some of them do not know about the structure while other makes complex sentences. This reduces the quality of article. If you want to become good writer then you need to write the sentences which are easy to read and understand. A writer must know about the need of his readers and should write according to them.  Most of the people usually do mistake that they do not care about the complexity of their writing. This is not the right thing to deal with your readers. You can use the simple words and sentences to avoid any kind of error.

Make Simple Sentences

3. Learn Grammar

As we told you earlier, grammar is necessary for the writers. The sense of every sentence is based on the grammar rules. If you have used Grammar in wrong way then the meaning of whole sentence will change. The incorrect tenses, violation of grammar rules are easily found by the readers. This can be corrected easily when you will learn Grammar. There are various Grammar books and apps which you can use for this purpose. Try to focus on Punctuation and tenses as these are the basic and most important rules for making sentences.

Learn Grammar

4. Proofread and Correct Errors

No one is perfect and has fair chances of making mistakes. So it is important to check errors in the article written by you. Your every mistake can lower the quality of your writing. There could be grammatically or spelling mistakes which should be corrected before sending or posting that article. So read out the article carefully and make corrections wherever needed. Proofread is mandatory for every kind of writing content. All the books, magazines and blog posts are edited before getting published. This is done because nobody wants to place the imperfect material in front of the readers. As we told you earlier, every error in the writing is a negative point in writer’s account.

Proofread and Correct Errors

5. Use Apps and Websites for English Improvement

Learning and implementing the English grammar rules in few days is not possible but you can improve your writing skills with the help of apps and websites. There are number of apps which proofread almost all kind of errors, give suggestions, make corrections and also give the detailed meaning of particular word. In short these software act like a complete English guide for the beginners. If you want quick and easy way to improve your writing then start using apps like Grammarly, Grammar book, Pro writing aid, Hemingway and others. These apps are a perfect solution for your all kind of writing problems. They save your time and give you many ways to polish your writing skills. It doesn’t matter what and where are you writing, these apps will work for you.

Use Apps and Websites for English Improvement


Learning English Writing is not a difficult task if you have strongly made up your mind to do that. You need to practice a lot for improvement in writing. The above given ways are perfect for you to become  good writer and if you do not know about how to start writing an article then here is a series which you can follow-

  1. Pick a suitable topic
  2. Search and think on that topic
  3. Start writing and Use dictionary for new words
  4. Make simple sentences and do not overdo the repetition of same words
  5. Proofread your work

The selection of topic must be done on the basis of your knowledge. Try to find the How to Be a Good Writer in English with which you are familiar. Also thinking about the topic doesn’t mean that you need to spend hours. You can read the articles and books related to the topic for getting information and then think about what to write and how to write. In this way, you will be able to practice for polishing your writing skills.

how to Make your Face Glow

Do you want flawless skin that looks beautiful and bright? So, there are some ways to achieve it! You do not have to spend a lot of money or time to achieve beautiful skin, with 4 Simple Steps How to Make your Face Glow you will have more than enough to dazzle. Who knows what karma we pay for those with oily skin. Although there is even special makeup for our skin type, after 5 minutes, the T zone is already a focus.

How to Make your Face Glow

How to Make your Face Glow

1. Shine again

Carbonylation is a process in the skin that begins at the age of 20, making the skin proteins harden and, therefore, the skin itself loses its shine.

The renewing serum of the Origins brand is a great option for these cases, since it is made with willow and a gentle exfoliant that help to change this process and avoid it in the future.

2. Smooth the surface

The damage that UV rays have done to your skin is seen 20 years later, so if you had a burn in childhood, you probably notice it between 20 and 30. It shows in more open pores, so It is very important to avoid pimples and blackheads, by using a cleansing cream with acetylsalicylic acid.

3. Put some extra “fat”

In truth, losing the baby fat that used to inflate your cheeks is not all that good: you are losing collagen and elastin, whose lack generates less volume and a more “fallen” skin.

The retinol used at night can stimulate the generation of collagen and elastin again; In addition to using sunscreen daily, since UV rays also contribute to the loss of collagen.

4. Unify the Tone of your Skin

Damage to the sun and birth control pills can make the veins on your face notice more and get spots, especially on the forehead, cheeks and the “mustache” area. Even if you are no longer taking hormones, the pigmentation effect occurs for years.

5. Use the first ALWAYS

Or at least, apply it in the most problematic areas, such as the T zone. When you have a greasy complexion, use first aid to keep everything in place.

6. Clean with rice paper after moisturizing your skin

After moisturizing your skin, press rice paper over your face to remove excess moisture. This way you will pick up any excess product from the skin and allow your face to have a more matte appearance before applying makeup.

We recommend the Skin-ceuticals serum, which contains niacinamine, a well-known bleaching agent.

With these 4 steps you can have a shiny, radiant and beautiful skin. Undoubtedly, taking care of existing problems is important, but even more preventing new ones: for that reason, take care of the sun and external agents, keep a healthy diet and clean your skin well.