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A popular technique for a particular sex of the child is the emergence of the use Ovulation Method. As the name tells you, you need to know the date. You can use the normal calendar here. It should be noted that the first period of menstruation Calendar with Week Number. The next 4 days are not suitable for fertilization, so there are 5 days when it is impossible to determine the future sex of the baby confidently. Over the next four days, the likelihood of growing a girl grows. Ovulation duration is 1 day. In the next four days you can work for a boy, 4 days relatively safe and the last 5 days of pregnancy totally inappropriate. If you do not want to interfere with the calendar, use ovulation testing. They are not difficult to use and give a fairly accurate result. This method is suitable for women with a non-regular cycle. For a boy, you have to have sex on the day of ovulation. June 2018 Calendar


Calendar with Week Number

It is believed that the male chromosome series seeds are moving fast but have a short life cycle. But their brothers who carry a woman’s chromosomes live long, but swim much slower.

Calendar Week Number

This fact suggests that if the construction occurs during ovulation when the egg leaves the follicle, it is possible for fast male patients to have time to germinate faster and fertilize it until it dies.

There are a number of methods to help you lower your baby’s birth. One such method is Chinese medicine. Of course, the logic and the scientific qualifications of this method are completely absent. However, this does not prevent it from working. The likelihood of compatibility with this method is almost 98%.

2018 Calendar Week Number

To determine the outcome, you need to know the age of the upcoming mom and listening month. You can only choose a month for a boy’s perception.

Calendar with Week Number

The willingness of many future parents to advance their child’s sex is well justified. Of course, someone wants the principle of only one or the other sex of the child, and some already have several daughters, and he really wants a lot boy. This is especially true for fathers, for the boy is a real pride, heir, you can not just play football and learn, but also transfer your knowledge.

It is a mysterious process, and no one can anticipate the twists and turns of fate, but in some cases everything can only be remedied by just using some people and by knowing the characteristics of the human body.

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Here is the unforgiving monthly cycle of being a woman.

  • 1 week

Menstruation comes. Again. Every fucking month. The vertex strokes, the stench swells, the sting inflates, stirs, hurts, sore, pierced.

Help: Stay away. From the end of the week you can try to wrap up, you may get.
Tip: Get into the same shower with a woman.
Nature of Sex: Nervous.

  • 2nd week

Menstruation goes away. At last. The snail time begins, the mire flows along the thighs. Panettaa. It would make your mind squander street lamps, trees, houses. Men look huge from the penis. The tongue hangs on the cheek and the drift flows to the bed. Breaking does not help. In the eye, 24 hours a day, an image of the follower coming in and out.

Note: Put as badly as you can. Every day, in the mornings, let the leather go to the gap.
Tip: Available 24/7. Take a break from work, just what, but not erectile because it’s a lot of tea.
Nature of sex: Animal junk.

  • 3rd week

Nothing significant anywhere. The liver secretion is reduced. Pencils change into men. Small panic attacks, but otherwise life rolls steadily forward. Nice.

Note: You may need to slightly tighten and squeeze the buttocks, but you will get relatively easy.
Tip: Organize a romantic evening. Enjoy. Calm before the storm.
Sex Character: Romantic, calm and happy. Standard stuff.

  • Week 4

The atmosphere begins to grow tighter. The nausea elbows of the elephant begins. Life is crushed, throbbing and throwing. It’s all weird about what’s happening. It laughed when nothing happened. It laughed because anything could happen, but it does not happen. There is no explanation for anything.

Note: Avoid pulling. Probably you will hear the cry that “just touch when you want to put it”. But be patient, because you may have sex after tears.

Tip: Now do the work of the second week that was left out of the way.
The sex of nature: If it wakes up, it is very emotional and laxative. Calendar with Week Number

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