Blank March 2019 Calendar

In order to increase the safety of our children, we organized volunteers who will help them in the evening when crossing the road in all major traffic crosses. Our two members are also Blank March 2019 Calendar members of the board of school in the Retfala Elementary School and we want to participate in the assistance, especially now that winter time calculation is in the dark, and then the safety on the road is reduced, explained Tomislav Mišetić,

Blank March 2019 Calendar

President of the Association “We Want” and “Non-Dependency”, adding that this action will last for a week, and then they are moving into the realization of many other areas related to the area of ​​the Retfala GC, from where we are members of the “We want” association. So soon, the cleaning of retrofit streets, or the removal of wild garbage dumps, is followed.


Blank March 2019 Calendar Blank

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Also, Misetic says they are looking for a fitness center where citizens will be offered free trainings. A pilot project is also helping the elderly and the helpless. “We want to help those who live alone and in the winter months to be in the service of cleaning snow, wood stacking and smaller home repairs,” Mišetić explained. Otherwise, in his program ” We want “in its program has a social, educational and sports program based on the direct and continuous engagement of all members of the association.


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Everything works on a volunteer base and with their actions they want to raise the awareness of others that even small actions can achieve a great result. Although citizens have seen rickshaws on the trails at Central and Ana’s graveyard these days, driving them with a special transport vehicle owned by Siniša Prelčec’s graveyard will be possible only in exceptional cases in the future.

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– Driving is only allowed if the user himself can not reach the cemetery , or, in the case of an invalid, or an elderly and infirm person who needs transportation, every day, except on the 1st of November, it may come to him by any means of transportation, and even rickshaw.

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However, there is no “taxiing” in the cemetery, and although there is information that the owner of the rickshaw wanted in the days before and after the holidays to transport rickshaws to all interested citizens, it is still not possible – said Hrvoje Ostricki, director of Ukop. In the Donegrad Synagogue, on Wednesday, October 31, at 6 pm, within the ceremonial end of the Week of the Christian Book in Osijek, the Ecumenical Charter will be given.


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On the Day of Reformation, the Charter will be presented to the philologist, the expert of the Glagolitic book and the excellent Bible expert and its influence on the Croatian cultural heritage, academician Josip Bratulić. The charter will be delivered by Academician Slavic and Croatianist Stjepan Damjanovic. “This is a rare Blank March 2019 Calendar opportunity for citizens to meet live two great Croatian academics and literary and history experts and listen to their speeches,” said Dr. Peter Kuzmich, dean of the High Evangelical Theological University.

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