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Libraries are incubators for education, knowledge, research and progress – and OCLC is in the thick of it drin.13.000 + peak concurrent user sessionsOur winning teamMore than 500 IT professionals worldwideĀ Blank February 2019 Calendar devote themselves to advances in library technology As we have discussed several times in this blog, there are different reasons why businesses and individuals need to free themselves from legacy data Data can save businesses in the business at

Blank February 2019 Calendar

unnecessary cost and in many cases even require that data be safely deleted at a specific date. In addition, the data on hardware to be replaced must also be securely deleted so that it does not get into the hands of unauthorized persons. The reasons why you need to delete data safely are clear, but in which situations should you opt for degaussing The main difference between

Blank February 2019 Calendar

using an erase tool like Ontrack Erase and a hardware degausser is that a medium overwritten with a bitpattern was, can continue to be used. That’s not the case with a degausser. After the Degaussen the medium is destroyed and can be supplied only to the metal recycling or recycling. Another important difference is that the software data resolution solutions do not work

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in all cases: if the hard disk can not be addressed because it is defective, the only way to remove business critical data or sensitive information from the media is to use a hardware degausser , In addition, there is still no single data erasure software solution on the market that can address magnetic tapes. Here is the Degaussen also the right solution, if it is old tapes, which

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you do not want to continue to use anyway or even should. Remember, companies can not afford the risk of data getting out of the company, being restored by criminals and then being used against the original owner. And even individuals can suddenly face the problem of being blackmailed by criminals, stealing their identity, or being stolen, simply because they did not securely

Free Blank February 2019 Calendar Template Download

erase their data before discarding or selling the old hardware. What does “degaussen” mean? Hard disks and magnetic tapes use magnetic fields to store data either on the so-called “disks” or on the tape material. Degaussing – demagnetization – destroys the magnetic fields. In addition, the Degausser destroys all magnetic fields on the hard disk tracks, sectors and all

Free Blank February 2019 Calendar Template Download

stored data. The different technologies used in demagnetization / degaussing There are four main types of Degausser technologies that are used: The Conveyor Belt / Conveyor Degausser, the AC Degausser, the Permanent Magnet Degausser and the Pulse Degausser. The Conveyor Belt / Degausser The Degausser conveyor belt works with a built-in electromagnet mounted

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under a conveyor belt. The media are then driven over the magnetic field. This destroys the medium’s magnetic field and erases the data. Problem: The procedure must be repeated several times, as it is not certain that all sectors on the disk are actually captured and all data has been safely erased. In addition, the media must also be rotated in this method – either manually or

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automatically by the machine. The AC DegausserDer AC-Degausser looks like a normal photo Blank February 2019 CalendarĀ scanner with a glass and also works in the handling similar – the medium is in the middle of Placed or held glass panes.

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