January 2019 Calendar Templates

According to, other reasons for using the infrastructure of cloud providers are the complete digital mapping of processes, the addition of standard components to other components such as January 2019 Calendar Templates Artificial Intelligence or security tools, significantly faster deployment times and thus faster time-to-value.

January 2019 Calendar Templates

More Business-driven IT Projects EverIn the past two years, the number of business-driven IT projects has risen by about a third in every second surveyed company. However, the majority has difficulties, all business related also implement objects. At 68 percent, the most common reason given for this was the inadequate provision of qualified personnel in the IT department.

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for implementation. Lack of specialist and technology know-how for new topics is a problem for 52 percent. For example, there is a lack of experts in the field of AI, blockchain, cloud migration or agile processes such as SAFE, LesS, DevOps and KanBan. The consequences are a further increase in project congestion in planned digitization initiatives and associated unused growth.

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opportunities with digital products and services. “The tension in the German IT market is due to the enormous increase in the number of IT projects in user companies and a simultaneous high demand for IT IT experts who are familiar with new topics. This will open up good opportunities for service providers to position themselves as partners in digital transformation with .

January 2019 Calendar Templates

adapted business models and structures, “Zillmann notes. The studyThe Lünendonk study 2018” The market for IT consulting and IT service in Germany “contains current figures to the digital transformation. In addition to 78 provider companies, 137 large user companies were surveyed.

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According to a Lünendonk study, rosy times are breaking for IT service providers. Due to the shortage of skilled workers in areas such as AI, cloud migration, cyber security or the lack of the introduction of agile cooperation models, the need for external support for digitization projects is enormously high.

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As many companies find no suitable personnel, IT service providers have become one in recent years Key factor for a successful digital transformation. Accordingly, the future of service providers looks accordingly positive. For both 2018 and 2019, the 78 IT service companies surveyed in the Lünendonk study

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“The Market for IT Consulting and IT Services in Germany” expect average double-digit sales growth (2018: 11.6%, 2019: 11 , 0%). “The majority of the IT service providers surveyed expect to grow faster than the overall market and thus gain market share,” says Mario Zillmann, study author and partner at Lünendonk & Hossenfelder.

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“One reason for this is, for example, the increased need for support in the automation of processes, but January 2019 Calendar Templates also in the migration of legacy applications to the cloud, as well as the introduction of new business software.

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