January 2019 Calendar With Holidays

The thematic group initially focused on new business and financing models for higher education institutions. In September 2015, the thematic group analyzed individual trends January 2019 Calendar With Holidays in the sector and described them in the publication “New Models of Cooperation and Financing in Higher Education”.

January 2019 Calendar With Holidays

The group covered Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), Open Educational Resources (OER), Makerspaces and Digital Badges. The presentation of best practices from the German and international space also found a place in this context. The range of proposed solutions ranges from innovative financing models,

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the possibilities in the range between additional services (such as support or certification) paid for the participants, co-financing by participating companies (in the context of marketing, recruiting or further training offers for their own employees) Business models of private service providers up to the classical university funding by state carriers.

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Combined with questions of financing and sustainable business models, the rapid technological change in the field of teaching is characterized by current developments such as adaptive and individualized learning paths and flexible and mobile learning opportunities.

January 2019 Calendar With Holidays

The thematic group considered current technology trends and embedded them in the context of teaching. As a further pillar of work in the thematic group, the experts devoted themselves to academic lifelong learning (LLL). Particularly in this area, digital courses are used intensively, as local and temporal independence is particularly important for the target group.

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Universities develop innovative continuing education programs, from the complete degree to individual events. In June 2016, the topic group published a comprehensive study on the status of digital academic further education offers in Germany. Hans Pongratz.

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The MOOC hype spurred on the then long overdue discussion about contemporary learning formats and high-quality teaching worldwide. New types of formats will enrich traditional classroom teaching in Germany, possibly become the textbook of the future and could make interested people worldwide interested in higher education.

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The thematic group “new business models, new technologies and lifelong learning” has the potential to set a new course in the discourse on the necessary digitization of universities in Germany and to actively promote their implementation. Hans Pongratz also blogs regularly for the Hochschulforum.

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Publications of the Themengruppe Neue cooperation and funding models in higher education: The thematic group presents in detail and with case studies four innovation topics in higher education: MOOCs, open educational resources (OER), digital badges and makerspaces. On the basis of practical examples, the working paper shows which concrete enterprises exist and on which January 2019 Calendar With Holidays financing models they are based. Learning digitally for a lifetime: The thematic group has examined the market of digital academic further education offers.

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