January 2019 Calendar Australia

Digital competence requires personal responsibility The Corporate Learning Moocathon came to a conclusion together with leading German companies that employees see the responsibility for training as purely an employer. This limits our digital literacy because no one but ourselves can ensure January 2019 Calendar Australia purposeful and effective learning. (Ensuring digital education for every employee would exceed the capacity of even the most dedicated executive).

January 2019 Calendar Australia

So we have to break out of our consumer attitude and take care of our digital education on our own responsibility. In practice this means developing a completely new understanding of learning. You do not study in a classroom, and afterwards you get a nice certificate. You do not learn at work when you hardly need to apply new digital technologies there.

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Instead, you learn from the Digital Leaders and become part of the community. Digital competence is a social competence Digital literacy does not mean simply knowing a lot about the details of new technologies. Digital literacy means knowing who to ask and what changes are likely to happen soon. The digital world is networked and works through the rapid spread of new ideas.

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It is a constant discourse, a new way of living and working. Your job is to become an active member of the discourse. For this you can follow these practical tips: Find the digital thoughts leaders in your field Every professional group has its digital forerunners, who develop new technologies, distribute them and determine the discourse.

January 2019 Calendar Australia

They hold keynotes at international conferences and publish the top articles on digital topics. Follow their posts and stay up to date. You can also contact them directly – you’ll be surprised how much positive response you get to your questions! Learn from other departments of your company.

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There are many new digital methods and tools that are relevant across disciplines. For example, employing staffers only tentatively in employer branding has been used for years in online marketing! Look outside the box and ask your colleagues. Search the exchange with your peers.

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Conferences and Meetups are there for you to meet your peers from other companies. Ask them openly what they are learning and how they work – then you know how innovative your own employer is. Become an active member of the digital community in your area: you do not have to be physically present to network and share.

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Mach courses Not for certificates, but for knowledge. You are no longer at the university, where you have to take exams for their own sake. If you want to educate yourself, choose courses strictly according to content and format. What exactly do you want to learn and why? Is the course provider known for its digital direction and current topics?

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If you are unsure what is suitable, check with your peers! According to a study, rosy times are breaking for IT service providers. January 2019 Calendar Australia Due to the shortage of skilled workers in areas such as AI, cloud migration, cyber security or the lack of the introduction of agile cooperation models, the need for external support for digitization projects is enormously high.

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